Decembrie 2007

Chrys Caragounis
Vine, Vineyard, Israel, and Jesus

Raymond Pfister
An Urgent Plea for a Real Ecumenism of the Spirit

Wonsuk Ma
Discerning What God Is Doing among His People Today: A Personal Journal

Emanuel Conţac
Imaginea mamei şi a fraţilor lui Isus în Marcu 3:21, în Noul Testament grecesc şi în traducerile româneşti ale acestuia

The issue of the “relatives of Jesus” or, to be more precise, of His “brothers and sisters”, has traditionally divided the New Testament scholarship along confessional lines, with the Catholic and Orthodox scholars holding Jerome’s or Epiphanius’s hypotheses, respectively, and the Protestant scholars arguing in favour of the Helvidian solution. Times and mores have somewhat changed, even in theology, and in order to accurately represent the status questionis, one had better use more hues and shades than were formerly necessary to depict it.

Keywords: Relatives of Jesus, Jerome, Epiphanius, Helvidius, Romanian translations of the New Testament

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